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Let’s build a Dutch open data community together

March 25, 2013 in Events, Featured

Yesterday we organised another Open Data Meetup in the Netherlands, the biggest so far. Because of the EU funded project LOD2 had its bi-annual meeting in Amsterdam, we teamed up and invited the Linked Open Data (LOD) experts to meet with the Dutch open data community. At the beautiful building of the Waag Society, several talks about the LOD2 project and the current state of Linked Open Data were given. As soon as the slides are up they will be posted here. I gave a short talk about the status of the Open Knowledge Foundation in the Netherlands and the open data field in NL in general, and what issues we need to overcome.

Comparing with many other countries, open data in the Netherlands is doing pretty well. There are many different institutions and organisations involved in open data, the government is releasing data on its own portal, the cultural heritage sector is an international example to many, and the ministry of interior affairs is right now creating its own open data policy.

At the same time, a lot of work still needs to be done. Looking at the Open Data Census where countries are compared, the Netherlands is in the top 10. At the same time, one key dataset is missing: the government spending data. It is not only not open, the data about where the tax payers money is going to is completely missing.

Open data census

At the same time the national open data portal has become cluttered with old redundant datasets that have bad metadata, leading to a terrible search experience as we found out during the last Open Data Day. The open data field is at the moment too scattered to properly address these issues to the government. Having the data is one thing, but making it used and useful is not happening so much.

To address these issues, we have to make sure the (still relatively small) open data field starts working on a shared set of goals. Together, we have to define the most pressing issues of the moment and work to solve these. In the coming weeks, I hope to continue this discussion on the mailing list and collect feedback from various sources to define our goals for open data in the Netherlands, not only related to government data, but also culture, science (where is the open science community in NL?), economics and everything else.

So Join the mailing list now and get involved in the discussion!

My slides of yesterdays talk:

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  1. Actually there is opendata on the state budgets.

    The first set (a high level set of information on budget articles) can be found on opendata.rijksbegroting.nl.

    Furthermore al the budgetmemoranda are laws and all these law documents can be found on overheid.nl/parliamentary documents in odt, PDF and XML format.

    Right now we are doing a data hunt inside the ministry of finance to see what more info can be presented as opendata.

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